To honor the pioneering contributions of Maurice A. Biot (1905-1985) to the mechanics of porous materials (poromechanics) and his influence in various scientific and engineering disciplines, the Biot Conference on Poromechanics was convened for the first time in Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium, September 14-16, 1998. The success of the first conference led to the Second Biot Conference held in Grenoble, France, August 26-28, 2002. To celebrate the centennial birthday of Biot (May 25, 2005), the Third Biot Conference on Poromechanics will be held at the University of Oklahoma, Norman, Oklahoma, USA, May 24-27, 2005.


This conference will serve as an international forum to exchange information on the latest advances in the mechanics of porous materials and their application to a broad range of disciplines, including geomechanics, biomechanics, geophysics, materials science, composite materials, acoustics, and civil, chemical, environmental, mechanical, and petroleum engineering, etc. The approaches include analytical, computational, and experimental. The scales range from nano, micro and macro to field scales.



Constitutive Modeling
Homogenization Theory
Transport Phenomena
Wave Propagation and Dynamics
Bone Mechanics
Fracture Mechanics
Rock Mechanics
Consolidation and Subsidence
Partially Saturated Media
Fibrous Materials
Numerical Methods
Experimental Techniques
Acoustics and Seismicity
Cell and Tissue Mechanics
Nano- and Micro-Poromechanics
Plasticity and Viscoelasticity
Bio-inspired Materials
Petroleum Engineering
Composite Materials
Upscaling Laws
Multi-phase flows
Non-Newtonian Fluid
Soil Mechanics
Physical-Chemical Coupling
Thermal Coupling and Effects
Electric and Magnetic Coupling
Materials Science